A Literary Masterpiece that waited over 200 years to be discovered!

Replete with historically unique insights of a sensitive young woman involuntarily caught up in violent personal and political turmoil, this authentic diary reads like a mystery novel.

Countess Anna’s viewpoint is refreshingly naïve and down-to-earth, despite her status of noblewoman. Regardless of the significant time gap, it confronts such current vital issues as rape, murder, war, unplanned pregnancy, religious differences, blatant social inequality, fleeing from disaster, women’s rights, patriotism, forced confinement, betrayal… thus linking this bygone era in Poland with the world everywhere today.

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The characters in The Diary of Countess Anna Berezowska, be they farmers, servants, millworkers, farmhands, aristocrats… come alive in vivid detail. Anna’s candid descriptions of a peasant clan and of servants’ conversations are historically unique. She poignantly describes her personal turmoils, which parallel those of her beloved country.

Anna’s outrageous cousin, Sophia, reacts to situations differently. She seduces the most influential men of her time in order to gain protection and favors, as glimpses into her erotic diary reveal.

Anna and Sophia, each a strong and resilient woman, cope very diversely with the final full capitulation of their country.

A Story About:


A savage ambush in a raging blizzard; a woman caught captive under a burning barn; the murder of a brutal marauder; a carriage crushing people going over a burning bridge in its escape from enemy assault, and more.


The tender, enduring love between Anna and John, put through bitter trials — a false rape and murder acccusation, her seductive cousin’s rivalry, forced separation, John’s departure for war…

Downfall of a Nation

Horrendous scenes of violence and bloodshed when Polish patriots rise up against Russian forces under Catherine “The Great” and Poland loses its identity for 123 years!

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